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Hello, my name is Sophie and I am 18 years old. I love to party, but I love to stay at home cuddling and watching films more. Everyday I try to make someone smile, the plan is working well so far. I also love George Ezra very much.#girlsjustwannahavefun

Just because you took longer than others doesn’t mean you failed.

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I hate when people mention someone in their life by their name without providing me with any context about who this person is.

“So Dylan and I went to yoga class yesterday — ”

Hold it right there. Who the fuck is Dylan. Your boyfriend? Your arch nemesis? Your brother? Your pet sea monkey? Your therapist? Your favourite fictional character? Are you on a first-name basis with your dad? Last-name basis with Bob? WHO THE FUCK IS DYLAN.

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I still get sad about everything that happened. Every now and then it just hits me. Sometimes, it takes days for me to get over it…

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i’m into really low commitment hangouts like lying on the floor near each other or falling asleep together or falling into an endless void together

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i just almost missed my train because i was taking a personality quiz to find out what fruit I am

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i wanna hold ur stupid fuckin hand and kiss ur stupid fuckin lips and lean against ur stupid fuckin shoulder and cuDDLE UP WITH YOU UNDER THE STUPID FUCKIN BLANKETS AND HAVE STUPID FUCKIN CONVOS W U ABOUT EVERYTHIN G GOD IM SO MAD UR SO FUCKIN CUTE 

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