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Hello, my name is Sophie and I am 18 years old. I love to party, but I love to stay at home cuddling and watching films more. Everyday I try to make someone smile, the plan is working well so far. I also love George Ezra very much.#girlsjustwannahavefun

  • FHM: But have you ever hung out with a famous person?
  • George Ezra: At festivals and things I do, but that's work. In my free time it's just my friends. I don't think they're famous but maybe they're secretly Daft Punk or Banksy and I just don't know?


"im not racist i hate everyone equally" yeah, hey buddy how’s the sixth grade goin

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I love the fact that my sister just turned 12 so everytime she says something stupid I just say “shut up ur like 12” and she gets pissed off and walks away

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